Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things that make you go hmmm....

Hello. hello. Is anybody out there not in off season. It seems as if everybody is in some mode of *offseason* except me. Truth be told, as highly necessary as it is, it isn't something that I like very much. I like structure and a plan and when I don't have those I feel off. Something must be wrong with me. hmmm.

Super duper exciting things to come in December.

#1 It is my birthday month. I wait all year for this darn month! I know I am a scrooge on holidays but birthdays are a big deal.

#2 #SUPEREXCITEDCANNOTWAITITSABOUTTIMEWAHOOOOOOOO BSC is gonna be my full time training mama Can I get three cheers? and yes to quote her. She is gonna change my life. hmmmm. LOVE IT.

# 3 and yes certainly last but not in the least important. Have a little race coming up. A little day I'd like to refer to as Tempe Training! CANNOT wait for it. The forecast looks great. The day will be wonderful. I can just feel it.

Nothing else new or remotely exciting to report. Gonna get after it this weekend with one big push. Then soak it all in.

Oh wait, trivia time. Guess who's getting a new bike?


  1. Oh boy, you DO have lots of exciting stuff coming up!!!! Woohoo! :)

  2. Wow all that and a new bike too?!? Pictures please!

  3. Good Luck with your big weekend coming up. I won't track you that weekend, because I am the most horrible absolute most boringest person ever ever ever ever. I will follow your journey though, because all we do is really about our life.

    Good luck. :) xoxoxo. Know I wish you the best on your race, because it is important to you. :) Don't know ya, but luv ya.

    It is always about the little things... :)

  4. See you soon! Congrats on the coaching change! Fun for you both!

  5. Pictures of the new toy please, bike porn to entertain the rest of us in our off season. Sounds like a good collaboration there with the new coach.

  6. you are going to LOVE (and maybe hate too at times :-) BSC!!!! YEAH!

    P.S. WHAT's the bike???