Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rolling with it

So much to say, so little time. Things are clicking along here on the Monterey Bay! Getting ready for a little race in 5 weeks, working a TON and such. Looking forward to not being so tired but that starts after Monday. Today, came home after long ride, took a shower (who does that??) got dressed to run and laid down for a few minutes. Fell dead asleep. Turns out it was just what I needed because then said run was Brilliant. Looking forward to this next block and then giddy up time.
After a little birthday in Maui (Mama's Fish House anyone??) get some new ink (yeah baby) and hit the reset button. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
P.S. Still reading race reports from Kona. Seriously, they are all so inspiring. Love them all. Here is a worthwhile read and you just might need some tissue!


  1. When are you going to Maui?? And yes- I read that race report. Wow.

  2. I can't believe you're still rolling, stick a fork in me, I'm done!

  3. KEEP on plugging along MARY!!!! Soon.....SOON!!!