Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nearing the End!

Tomorrow is closing a chapter in this book of life for me.

THE END!-It is the end of my four ironmans in twelve months. I decided last year that I was going for it and I did.

SENTIMENTAL! - It is this for many reasons. This has been my "A" race all year. It is the last one for the season. This darn year has to end. (BOO) This is also the last race with my current coach, Chris Burnham. Chris took me on 4 years ago after I was run into the ground. I totally was lacking confidence and skills .His approach worked and in the 4 years I gained confidence and have taken almost 3 hrs off my Ironman time, dropped 45 minutes from my half ironman and PR'ed just about every race I have done. I had absolute zero confidence in my abilities and questioned everything I did. Now I am absolutely craving MORE. It is not without fear that I lose this comfort zone yet I am TOTALLY ready for the challenge and the CHANGE. Thank you Chris for everything! Bring it on Michelle! Are you ready for me???

THE BREAKTHROUGH?- Could this be the race I have trained for? That I have saved myself for? That I deserve and is reflective of what I can do? I SO want to PR, but at the end of the day, I want to still love doing this. Anything is possible in an Ironman and Anything can happen.

The only chapter not closing is that of wanting to do this (training and racing at least as I write this, tomorrow this time that might change a little) MORE. BETTER. FASTER. STRONGER. Loved that post on Facebook, "could we just get this Ironman over so we can train?" I truly believe I have more in me.

With that said. Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow. Ironman AZ, Big Sur Half Marathon and wherever you are. BRING IT ON! Leave it all out there.

See ya on the flipside.


  1. Whoo hoo!! I'll be cheering you on... you're going to crush it tomorrow!

  2. Have a wonderful day out there!!! I know you are going to be so successful!!!! Save some post-race food for me :-)

  3. I assume that Daft Punk song is going to be your theme song? I am listening to it right now in your honor. :))

  4. Good luck! You're going to have an awesome day!

  5. I'm jumping up and down in my living room doing fist pumps, that was one hell of a motivational blog entry. Way to put it all together today for a new PR!