Hey guys!
My name is Mary Tanner!
Location: Monterey, CA

Education: University of California Santa Cruz

Occupation: Staff Accountant

I have not been active my entire life! Although it may come as a shock I didn’t start “liking” exercise until high school- but I’ve never looked back  starting with local 10k races. After doing marathons for a few years, I decided to increase my challenge to triathlons. While I started training for the swimming and biking portions and completing one sprint or Olympic triathlon, I didn’t really get serious until about 2003. The ironman distance challenged me from that point on and the rest is history.
            I’ve completed MANY races and would love to qualify, race, and experience “Hawaii “one day. I’m still training and trying my best to reach that goal. The one thing I love about Ironman is that you never know what to expect. They are 90% mental and if you give up, you’re done. I love how it really challenges your mind and teaches you to overcome any one thing you set your mind on.

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