Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two Months

Where the heck have I been? Well... I had a little "accident" at Kona Camp It was more like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I really, really tried hard to have a GOOD time besides the fact that I was in pain 24/7 and I couldn't walk. I stepped on a sea urchin and the pain was BAD. There were little black holes all over the ball of my right foot. I did go to urgent care on Monday where SAID Doctor told me it was no big deal and in 4-5 days I would be fine. I begged him to cut them out and he just kept saying it was not that big of a deal. So apparently I was overreacting? Well,okay so much for running as I couldn't even walk but swimming and riding were still in. But it turns out I could ride and RIDE I did. A LOT. (side note here. I stepped on the sea urchin on Saturday 8/10 and the long ride 110+ miles was Sunday. It was nothing that 20 plus advil couldn't help! Pressure on the pedals hurt with every pedal stroke as well as standing to climb,etc. I felt surprisingly well riding and was more dreading the fact that we were all going to run after and I was not going to be able to. Thank goodness for our house pool and Moana for aqua jogging and giggles. I became the aqua jogging queen for more than just those few days too.) Bill and I stayed in Kona for a few more days to RIDE some more and enjoy the island. Truthfully it was really hard for me to relax. I couldn't walk around anywhere without limping and the pain was pretty bad. I was also quite the sight as "everyone" had a different potion, antidote or cure for the urchin needles and we drove up to Long's every morning for a new potion. My swelling was REALLY bad on the plane home and hobbling around the airport again was not fun. My thought of course was compression socks. I just need to wear two pair instead of one. Tuesday 8/20 I was still hobbling around and decided I just was not tough enough and I needed to run. I was going crazy. Every night I went to bed hoping that when I woke up I could bear weight on my foot. That morning I decided that "I just needed to get over it" so I hopped on my treadmill and using my hands supporting most of my weight on the bars attempted to run. I maybe made it 3 seconds. Ouch it still hurts pretty bad. In the meantime my foot is now swollen and I think I am going CRAZY wondering when these urchin spines are going to come out? Your body is supposed to reject them right? I hobbled upstairs pissed off at the world soaked my tweezers in alcohol and pleaded with Bill to perform surgery on me. Well turns out he passes out from blood so that didn't work. Suffer through another day and next night landed in emergency room. Filling out your forms for admission with "stepped on a sea urchin" is really quite silly. The triage nurse gave me weird looks kind of like "Wimp" that is not an emergency. When I finally was seen two hours later the emergency room doc even said hopelessly "well there is nothing we can really do for you." He did see some purple and red stripes on my foot and I knew I had cellulitis so we were also dealing with an infection, little did I know a VERY BAD one. He thought though before he cut me loose we should take an xray, just to be safe. Well, well, well the first person who is not going to blow me off! SO began the painful process of getting xrays and taking a wheelchair to get them. And waiting. And more waiting. I knew something was wrong because the xray tech came in several times just to look at my foot and when the doctor came back he had several other people with him. He even exclaimed, "Holy Shit" which I think is probably highly unhippocratic but in this situation fit just perfectly. Not only did I have some spines in my foot but they showed up on an xray. All NINETEEN of them. TO make a long story (sorry) short I was referred to a foot surgeon the next morning who tried to take them out in her office. She got one out. It was 5/8 of an inch long. Just to give you a little perspective. I had surgery on Monday 8/26 and they were removed via incisions on my foot. No stitches either to have painful scars. My foot has healed up nicely and I was off of crutches in two weeks. I attempted to walk around my house after that time but was still walking on my heel. It was now four weeks from date of injury and I was ready to try jogging. I walk jogged okay for a few days but 5 days later could not bear weight, walk, etc. I limped around procrastinating more doctors and finally went back to my foot surgeon. Well it turns out if you walk on your heel long enough and then try and walk on the ball of your foot again, you can dislocate your foot. Dislocated foot now. Great. Trust me. It has been two months and I am finally jogging for 30 seconds pain free. I have been seeing an ART man twice a week and will continue that for the rest of the year. I was not a happy camper for the past month. In fact I was very sad. I understand that this is nothing compared to the horrible going ons in the world and peoples own struggles with health, family etc. I debated whether even posting it or not as I didn't want to seem selfish. What I am hoping to gain from this experience is that these things happen and they are out of our control. I withdrew from Ironman Arizona last week. I will come back from this a stronger wiser person. Most importantly I can learn from it. In the past several weeks I have embraced other parts of my life that I never have time for and it feels good. Different for sure but good. A very wise friend who I was complaining about life to said to embrace the things you love, conquer the things you can and plan the heck out of the future. So that is my plan. Stay tuned.....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trusting Your Plan = Success

I know. It's been like forever. This is the first time in months I have nothing to do but lay around! I am sitting in Coeur d'Alene Idaho (actually laying) in bed at 3pm reading blogs and thought WTF I have one too! Time to update. First I have to find the password.

Sunday is IM CDA. This will be number 12 IM starts for me. I drove the new section of the bike course today in the pouring rain and it really is spectacular. I think it might even be prettier than Penticton. (of course not as beautiful as a certain island in the pacific.) As I was driving and checking out the roads, terrain and hills I was thinking about "plans." Everybody has one, some use them, some toss them out and some pretend they don't. But you don't go into an ironman unless you're my husband without one. This is where trusting in yourself and having the confidence to carry it out comes in. I got extremely confident while driving that course today and it made me feel good. Not because I think I am going to win or be awesome but that I have confidence in MY PLAN and what I am capable of doing. So come hell or highwater Sunday night sometime after 6pm you will find me crossing that finish line. But first, can someone please turn on the sunshine!
  Success isn't a matter of being the best and winning, its a matter of handling the worst and still finishing!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kickin It Off!

I can't possibly kick off 2013 without a proper good-bye to 2012. I finished off a great year with 32 days of running starting December 1 and ending January 1st. I will tell you this. It is a lot harder than it sounds (when you add swim, bike, life and the sheer darkness of December :) But I feel STRONGER because of it and feel as if I can handle more. Win win if you ask me and I challenge everyone to try it at least once! Even if you don't like to run! 

I also wanted to say a proper good-bye to last year's training. It was solid year for me both training and professionally. My average training hours was about 16.78 per week on top of working 40-70 hours felt solid. I took TWO WHOLE weeks off as well after each Ironman and recharged. My swimming was the biggest in terms of yards ever; 571,439 which is about 317 miles. That may or may not have been helped by the 100 x 100 yards I did FOUR times in 2012. (In case YOU are reading this Bring it!)

I feel nostalgic about the year because it was good and bad for many reasons, some personal. We said good-bye to some family members forever and had some health scares. I also PR'd in some important races to me and also totally blew up in one! It does not at all deter me from this crazy sport and with each year I love it more and more.

So this year I have some HUGE goals. BIG. I am going to be #ROCKINGTHEW. I will be fully supported in all things triathlon thanks in part to Sean and our team. I want to represent NORCAL and all we have to offer. This is an awesome team which I am very grateful to be a part of. 

The party of training has started. This train is rolling along. Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rock the W

How is this even possible? Excited? Understatement. 2013 is going to be Rockin. A killer coach, a huge team and my 40th birthday? No way!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ironman Arizona Race Report

Travel down to Arizona for this year's race was uneventful. It was actually quite relaxing to get down there a few days early and have relatively nothing to do except do some short little tune-up workouts (all engines need them!), meet up with peeps, and SHOP!

There were no pre-race panic attacks or major problems...except for forgetting my timing chip back at the hotel for the practice swim.  I may or may not have become hysterical/frazzled/stressed out, but Super Sherpa Husband Extraordinaire and my Number One Fan literally raced to the hotel and back, and I got my chip just in time to allow 20 minutes in the water. I wanted to get in the water and feel it.

It could have been colder. I have been working on this the entire year... envisioning a place or situation that could be worse. No matter how bad something seems, you can always tell yourself that it could be worse and then put your head down and get 'er done. Or that you are not going to die. That one had to be my favorite this year from Michelle: This will not kill you. Go. Do it. Like a machine.

It is sometimes a major battle in my head what I can and cannot accomplish in this sport. A little insight into my past: Many people have doubted whether I could be an competitive Ironman contender and told me that I would never achieve the time goals I wanted to achieve. But there are also many people who believed I can do whatever I set my mind to and have supported me, trained with me, and encouraged me. Take a guess who I call  my friends.

The day before the race, there are certain checks I like to make in the boxes. Water- fine. Pre race setup-check. Weather- couldn't be better.

Nothing was going to come between me and my day.

I woke up Sunday morning after two WHOLE hours of sleep. I am the world's best sleeper (after Suzy) except for the night before Ironman! It might have been due to the fact that our neighbors down the hall were partying all night, but mostly just nerves.

Nerves. Nerves are a good thing. They mean your body is ready to fight.

I quickly got dressed and forced breakfast down. Today was not going to be about bad choices, like not eating enough.  Breakfast- check.

I was nervous about being so far *away* from town but we found our trusty parking spot. No big deal! I remember walking towards transition and thinking to myself that the next time I saw my car I would be an Ironman. It doesn't matter how many times you do these things, the excitement of race morning it is always just like the first time. 

Run through transition- check. Drop special needs bags off- check. Have Super Sherpa check the bike from over the fence- check. I remember looking up at the sky and it just seemed as if it was going to be a great day. Kind of surreal and strangely calm. All systems go.

The swim was horrible. I normally am calm at the swim start, but today was different. For starters, there were some BIG men around me. I started far right and was close to the edge.  Bill caught the first ten minutes on his phone.  Ten minutes of me literally getting the shit kicked out of me. In those first ten minutes of the swim I lost my goggles three times.

I kept telling myself it could be worse. You can do this. But man was I battling in my head. Big time. It felt like it took forever to get to the turn, and the swim back was pretty uneventful. With how hard I worked in the pool this year and how much my swim has improved, I know I could have gone faster. I am making a pledge here and now to get over this swim start thing and swim to my potential. Anyone interested in doing this with me anytime soon? I am serious. But disappointment aside, I got out and saw the clock and moved on. My day was far from over. The fun was just about to start.

Oh, the bike. How I love thee! Ask Michelle about my biking at the beginning of the year. (It sucked.) But I stayed at it and put the work in day in and day out. Chasing power. Chasing cadence. Watching my heart rate. At 4am. At 6pm. At noon on Saturday. On my bike. By myself. If I was on the trainer, it was a few hours in silence for mental toughness. At Kona Camp I got called some choice words and got some confidence.

My goal for the bike was to keep it even the first lap. There was a slight headwind on the way out the first lap and a beautiful tail wind back. The second lap there was wind but I am not sure in what direction. I just know the third and final lap there was a headwind the whole way back home. Pressure on the pedals. Eat all your food. Keep drinking. Check. Check. Check. Stay on top of everything. You know what you need to do.  My goal was a 5:50.  I went under my goal and netted myself a bike PR. I didn't even know this coming off the bike. I had a watch on but couldn't do math at that point. I just took risks and Just. Kept. Pedaling. Imagine that! I pedaled! The whole damn time! Oh yeah! I felt good, like super good. Like a machine.

Heading out to the run I was feeling good. I truly felt like a machine out there. I really wanted to finish in the daylight.  Finishing in the daylight is tough in November, but was going to get there. Stay smooth. One foot in front of the other. Dig. My feel-good feeling lasted until about mile 18, and then started I walking through the aid stations and drinking Coke.  It is amazing how good Coke tastes during those last miles. I was running and hanging on and trying not to slow down too much. (It's not about how fast you go but about how much you don't slow down!)  On the third lap, I saw Bill and got the extra push from Michelle via Bill on the phone. That I had the fitness to do this. I have done it before. Do your thing.

Finish time 11:46.

 A 30 min PR. You betcha I am fired up.

The 12's are a thing of the past. But there is more in me. This I know. This I believe.

Thank you Team BSC for the great year and especially to Michelle. I have really enjoyed this past year and cannot wait for the next.

Now is a little rest, a few holidays. Some fuel for the fire. I feel my best years are yet to come. Next year Ironman Arizona 2013 will be different. That is for sure. Super Sherpa Husband Extraordinaire got inspired and signed up, too.

Yesterday he was talking about finishing together. That my friends, will not be happening.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pump Up the Jam

Where does the time go? Someone asked me the other day when I was going to blog. Answer- I don't know? But guess what I'M BACK. Where do I start?
-Fall is one of my most favorite times of year. We have our best weather in September and October.  It is not so good with the time change though as I am ready for bed at 6pm.
-Tax season is officially over for the year and I have two months of stress free work.
-I may or may not have also picked up another project helping out our swim club. It is really fun though and the kids are amazing. I am hoping they help me through osmosis. (don't worry I am not teaching swimming :)
-Training officially kicked it up another notch these past two months.  Or maybe three notches.
-I have my LAST race for the year coming up in -5 days and I am PUMPED.
-We just made it into Arizona this afternoon and I am pooped.

More from the land of sunshine!

Champion's Bucket List

In no particular order:

Qualify for Kona

Run all marathons in Hawaii (Maui x 2, Kona so far)

Climb Half Dome

Ride my bike in Spain

Watch the Tour de France live

Complete 50 Ironmans

Run the Gold Coast marathon in Australia

Go to Fiji

Go to Seychelles

Run Mountain to Beach Marathon

R2R2R Grand Canyon