Sunday, September 25, 2011

Backing it up

I'm sure everyone out there has heard the words some athlete wrote about "backing it up." Yeah, I have too but never really quite do it. Yes, I have good workouts back to back, and often too, but never really feel like I backed anything up.
Until this weekend.
Worked all day on Friday. Drove down to SLO Friday night with Suzy. Got up at o dark hundred to ride to the start of the SLO Century. Rode in the dark, on the highway miles away. (I am not alluding to the brilliance of that, it was just what it was) Met up with Molly, Jeff, George and Nigel (boo hoo he had two right shoes :)rode 50+ miles in the rain/fog (whatever) 45+ into a headwind (nice) and 10 to our homestay uphill in the sun. (perfect) We had a good time, good to see new roads and routes but remembered again why I dislike "organized rides" (people are so lame! I said "ON YOUR LEFT") Showered, ate ,got some coffee and drove the to drive 3 hrs home.( PS: Suzy's boyfriends parents = awesome hosts, she even got up before us to make us lattes and breakfast!) Got home in time to sit down and fall asleep on the couch.
Woke up this morning before 4 (not sure why! other than it is pretty normal time) to meet my swimming buddy. Nailed, I mean nailed my swim and was pretty sure I was going to sink going in. Backed that up with a solid run and spin and some good food interspersed (thanks Beth)and feel AWESOME.
That would be my definition of backing it up! Is it too early to get excited about another IM???
Super excited about that little race over in the Pacific in less than two weeks. Seems like EVERYBODY is going. We will have to settle with hooking it up to our 55 in screen. I will be watching until the final person comes through. Rock on people!!!


  1. And that was a solid swim to nail! GREAT JOB!!!

  2. I am new to your blog, and I forgot who this was. Hee Hee. Umm you have another IM coming up, so guess you should be thinking about that right?? Isn't that your A one too. :)

    Best of luck. :)

  3. Awesome!!! Must be all the great recovery eating. ;) (kidding!) IMAZ is going to be awesome for you!

  4. Fun you got to ride with Molly and that group! Arizona seems far off, but then again, not really...kind of weird...keep training safely!! See you soon!

  5. solid work girl!! way to back it up! keep up the good work and AZ is just around the corner!

  6. This post is so fucking you. Way to back that thing up...oh wait, maybe this isn't the same backing it up you are thinking.