Sunday, July 3, 2011


Ironman CDA is one of my favorite races. I love the town and the people. Before I go into any details of my journey, I first have to give props where they are deserved!
Caitlin- It was absolutely my pleasure to run into you over 5 times in CDA and meet up with you. Your speedy legs are an inspiration along with your smile! Love it.
Michelle- Killer PR and performance even under the colder conditions then you are used to. Way to represent!

Not like years past in CDA, I was unexpectedly stuck without WIFI for one week. That was the longest week ever! Never knew how dependent I was on the darn stuff. I was also without transportation so my legs were the only thing I had. In the grand scheme of things I call life, my race was what I wanted it to be. I have a very long year ahead of me and my super secret goal of running a 4:15 IM marathon was obtained.
I think one of the things this race gave me was confidence. No where along the journey do the distances ever seem too long. It is a day of racing and I enjoy every minute of it. The swim is what it is. Although my times indicate otherwise, I can actually swim, just not with a bunch of people :)
I know that and respect when I am in the water, I need about 20-25 minutes to just be. It is probably not ideal in a "race" but again it is what it is.
And where the heck were the hot tubs this year in transition? I so wanted about 45 seconds in one.
But onto the bike and just cruising along. My main goal was to be consistently consistent and not push anything. Did just that and was back into town sooner than later.
Onto the run and first mile WAY TO FAST. Slow down there champ. I dialed back the pace and just kept on going. Super cool to see people out there, hi five them and shout some Woo Hoo's. Yes Michelle, that was me screaming your name!!!
All in all, happy with the days effort. After this incredibly relaxing week, time to hit it again tomorrow for the next eight weeks before Canada. Again, another stepping stone in my quest for the year. But watch out, I have a feeling it is going to be somebody's race!!!


  1. Congratulations! Wow you have a REALLY big year :)

  2. Pretty darn cool to read a race report with such a tone of contentment on the day. Well, if had told me you were planning on running a 4:15 marathon, I should have waited for you off the bike so that you could have pushed me to a faster run than a 4:20. IM Canada, I'm in.

  3. I just simply can't believe we did not actually meet, Mary! ARGH! Next time...

    Congrats on your great run!! :)

  4. Love the RR, man stuck without ez ;) see you in Pentiction!

  5. congrats girl!!! great race and I love the content race report- totally agreed with kiet. cheer him on in canada too! good luck with the canada build!