Sunday, June 19, 2011

Racing Weight

Now now, not that kind of weight. More like weight = pressure (noun) or to place a burden or heavy load on (verb) CDA is a week away and the taper has started. (I know,I know my taper is short but remember this race is all about having a good run. I'm doing several so each has its own goal. The cool thing about CDA other than I love the town is that so MANY people are doing it! But still the pressure is on. But it is only what you make of it right? CDA brings back special feelings for me as it was my first IM. Love love love the town, the people, the friendships (still renting the same house) the atmosphere the vibe. Everything. Except the water temperature. Now 2008 was a cold year and magically by race day it was 59-60 which was fine. Key to the cold water is swimming in it every morning at the same time as the race. Your body just adapts. I know that is easier said than done but trust me. It will work! In the meantime though couldn't it warm up just a little?
Super excited to meet the bloggers, teammates and see friends coming from afar. Also love the fact that it is many's 1st IM. It really is a special place. The entire town comes alive all over the course. I esp. love the "trailer" park :)
Remember it is not only about the race but about the journey that got you there. I like many out there find joy in training and being able to do this every day year round.
Started my taper with a little 5K this morning in Carmel. Busted out a pretty fast run for me. Who knew?
And the CRB did her first 2k. She was horrible and smelled the beach (walked along the upper trail on Scenic and Carmel) said screw it and let her go down and ultimately DNF!
A little picture of the champion is attached.

Next stop, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!
Who's on the train?


  1. You're going to do great!!! Have a safe trip :)

  2. YOU are someone I'm really looking forward to meeting! I think we should have a little e21 team lunch or coffee or something? Yes!

  3. I fell the same as you about this race :-) Where is the house you are renting?

  4. good luck in CDA!!!! go get it!!!

  5. Looking forward to cheer for ya! And possibly going for a ride Thursday. Safe Travels!!

  6. See you up ther Marester, hopefully I can catch up with you at check-in, but have a bike ride that morning so may not make it by 1:30. Got your number so we'll at least hook up for Friday morn swim and breakkie after? Safe travels up!

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  8. Thanks for the blog comment!! I hope you had a great race at CDA! We had awesome weather but it was a tough course indeed! Keep up the great work on the blog!