Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Character Building

Do you ever have those kinds of days where you wish you could just bottle up your mental fortitude and whip it out in a pinch? This weekend for me, the whole weekend just worked. Now, the weather didn't cooperate at all, especially yesterday on the bike. But my mind said, whatever. When I woke up yesterday, Bill said there is no way you are going out in this. I went half expecting to bail early but the 35 mph winds didn't even phase me. Some might call it stupid, I call it building character. Did I build my bank enough to take out a deposit when I really need it? Think so.
The next races are upon us and everyone is getting pumped. Here is to a great training May and a happy and healthy racing June.


  1. You can't always count on the weather, friends, traffic, or other conditions cooperating with our multi-week/month/year training schedules. It's only a matter of time before either your will breaks down or you learn that cooperation isn't necessary.

    Love it!!