Sunday, April 3, 2011

Das Boot

I know the title is catchy but the meaning is not. I broke down last week to have the darn MRI and then went for a run. Fitting, right? I figured if it was bad news I might not run for a while.
Long story short, I will be fine. A grade 1 tendon tear of my post. tib. tendon. 1-2 weeks no running and the use of this lovely boot. (of course many other options were available/presented these are the only ones I heard!)
All in all- good news. What is one more week of no running? Probably nothing.
This all coincides very nicely with upcoming rest week, so good timing. (and the ALMOST END OF TAX SEASON THANK YOU!!!!)

So what to do with the little bit of extra time?

-Retail therapy. Serious retail therapy. My new luxury item: TYR Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit.
I cannot wait to try this out. It is so silky smooth and fluid. And so pretty!
Hopefully next weekend we can try it out in the lagoon.

- Major ordering from my favorite internet sites. Title Nine, Prana to name a few

- Swimming. Lots.And.Lots O'swimming.

- Riding. Tons and tons

Here's to a happy and healthy week and start to April. This is going to be a great month!


  1. Oh Mary that totally sucks but it could be worse - glad you will be back in action soon. Thanks for your kind comments :-)

  2. Yep. In the water and on the bike 'til you can run again. Water running is a decent alternative too when you can't run. Hang in there!! :)

  3. enjoy the swimming and REST that leg!!! Don't do anything silly and you'll be back in no time :)

  4. UGH tough tough, but retail therapy is the best - and wine and M&Ms. :) In all seriousness, heal fast, mary and kick ass when you are healthy!!

  5. I'd be pretty pumped to have a new wetsuit (or one at all) to play with too! Enjoy!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.


  7. ouch, I hope your recovery is speedy! I have found arnica helps tons with inflammation. Way to stay positive!