Monday, April 18, 2011

On my way

This time of year always gets the best of me. I work many hours in the day but I always fit in my training. This year it just worked better to get up at earlier than normal time(gasp.) I know. FREAK. It is what it is and today is the LAST DAY! This past weekend the pressure was lessened and the GREAT TRAINING BEGAN. And because I am still so tired I have resorted to bullet points and I promise now to become a better blogger. (and next year do not let me sign up for an early season Ironman!)
Oh wait who am I kidding, I think Florianopolis is calling me.

- 2 am is the new 4am. Or was. Tomorrow is a whole new day.
- The last tax extension filed a short while ago and I am free.
- I am running again and just like coach said it would be no big deal and I would come back and be faster. Well, he's right.
- The last few weeks I started my build right into the throes of taxes and it was crazy. Proof that you can do it all.
- Seriously, if you take recovery e21 tabs every hour on the hour on a long ride, POOF, its like you didn't do anything
- I am taking a day off from work this week. Can you guess which one?
and it is not tomorrow.
- I want to race. But first I must do more work.
- This is going to be a good year and a good season. I feel it. And its going to be a long one.

Signing off now...Hope everyone has a great week and Happy End of Tax Season!!!


  1. I bet you are thrilled it is end of tax season!! You are glad you are not my accountant. I was a pain in the ass for mine this year. I goty emails from him that started with "I don't mean to be a nag, but..." Filed an extension b/c I just could not get it together. I suck at paperwork.

    Love it that you are able to train through all of that. I'm pretty sure that's called Dedication. Nice job.

    And yes on the e21 tabs. Poof! New legs!

  2. I'm so glad you are out of the boot and back running again!!!

  3. 2 AM, really? I'm never gonna outdo you in that department.

  4. Love your list! Awesome :)