Saturday, March 26, 2011


I thought of a million differet title posts but not one could really sum up the way I am feeling. I am sort of stuck in limbo between doing what is right and what I want to be doing. Let me rewind just a bit.

Two weeks ago I ran the Napa Marathon. If familiar with the roads there, you know the slope/angle/pavement issues associated with it. Do the race- check. Come home- check. Back to work/training- check. Run again Thursday - check. Run Saturday after -
check but some pain/issues in foot. What?

Continue on for a few days. Tuesdays bike/run = OUCH. Not only now does foot hurt but knee pain starting. First thought- I don't have time for this. Do we ever have time for *injuries?* Talk to coach, assess goals- no biggie. Short run break emphasis other areas. Move on. In the meantime last week make appointment with foot/ankle specialist (who happened to be sick last week) for Friday (yesterday)

Start last week- great. Run - fine. Tightness yes but no pain. (call me stupid sometimes but I am not going to run in pain. Stubborn heck yeah but stupid no. Learned that the hard way) Solid week of training. Good times. Good work.

Friday- Go to appointment. After diagnosing myself and with the help of PT friends/doctors figured I had posterior tibial tendinitis. Bought some kinesio tape on amazon, some Ironman sports creme. Stay consistent with training/stretching overall plan. I would be good to go.
(I even thought about cancelling appointment but kept it just to be safe not sorry- get an xray make DOUBLE sure everything good and be set)

First words out of said doctors mouth. "I'm going to break this to you slowly what I think based on these xrays." EXCUSE ME? He said don't jump off that table just yet.
(doctors must love endurance athletes who go in and tell you their diagnosis/plan injury prognosis :) Seems to him there may be an avulsion fracture/ old- new /or not.
To be SAFER rather than SORRIER, I am going to have an MRI (as soon as humanly possible- thank you insurance companies for SUCKING) Then I will have a 100% tell tale picture.

What does this mean? It means that in the midst of the chaos of my life these days, my brain was on overload yesterday and for the better part of the night. I planned 1,000,000 different outcomes. I talked to coach who reassured me nothing was PROBABLY wrong but lets be sure. We talked about A, B and C races and what this would mean.

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY YEAR. 37.5 years of age was the magic number of greatness (well greatness in my world) The year of challenge, the year of conquering.
I've been through this injury/rehab 6 years ago with my bike accident. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

It is Saturday morning and I *have* on tap a bike/run combo workout. I wrestled with doing/not doing the run. Coach even said cut it shorter if you want. No biggie. I DONT CUT THINGS SHORT. IF IT IS THERE I DO IT. Let pain be your guide. I haven't had pain? Part of me thinks if I don't do this run and next week I have something wrong I will be wishing I had one more good workout inside. The other thinks that if something IS wrong then I will just make it worse. AAAAHHHHHH.

I'm signing off now. Stay tuned.

Gonna go start my day.


  1. Fingers crossed that whatever it is works itself out sooner rather than later!

  2. GRRRR. How frustrating! I'm not doctor, but from my point of view, if it doesn't hurt, then I would run too. BUT, if it does hurt, then you're not doing yourself any favors but making it worse, you know? Good luck!!!

  3. Hang in there! Doctors have to be very conservative and a little pesamistic. Hope it turns out ok!