Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hitting Reset-

This past week has been very hard on all fronts. First I had another mini meltdown from overall exhaustion. Then I realized that my one *good* leg had some residual pain from my little foot race the past weekend which in turn caused a new knee issue.(WTF?) That led to some back pain and then some overall crabbiness/bitchiness/unhappiness. Add that to volumes of work, training and general life and you got one big melting mess.

Enter coachie who assured me that this small break was oh so worth it and oh so good for me. So towards the beginning of the week I had to suck it up and take a small break from running. My volume would go down obviously but we would make it up on the bike and in the pool.

Running is my first love and when I can't run, I am not the same person. Nothing makes me feel freer than running. I love running into the morning when the sun is still coming up. I am a happy runner and yell good morning to everyone day or night.

I also implemented more stretching and recovery time this week which has rendered me useful instead of useless. Years ago I would not have welcomed this little pause in the action but I think I am smarter now in my older years!

Now that the reset button has been pushed, all I can say is watch out-

Oh and look what Santa brought today-

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  1. Am liking the e21 colors, good eye for design those folks. Man, I'm so not that happy runner, I'm more like the focused runner who goes inward and doesn't even recognize friends when I run toward them.

  2. Believe me, I GET this!! Here's hoping your setback is very minor and you're back on the roads greeting everyone with good morning very soon!!!

  3. I hope everything recovers well and you're back to fine form soon!!!

  4. I have had a few reset weeks this winter, and really it's ok. I agree that when i am not running more so than the other two sports, i feel out of sorts.I took a full week off from running and hit my run today just fine:) Love the e 21 stuff, so cute!

  5. LOVE my e21 gear too... wore some of it this weekend! And you are not alone. I too had to take a couple days off of running and am a little fried at both ends. But I KNOW it's all good!! We are lucky to be able to train the way we do most the time and if we have to take a little break, then NO big deal, we do this because we love it. All will work out and don't beat yourself up. :)