Saturday, March 12, 2011

Completely Shelled

This week and weekend (so far) has me completely shelled. I think the little run I did last weekend + heavy work/training load left me pooped. It wasn't so obvious on my workouts today until I met with Jen who I do TRX with every Saturday. She took one look at me and just knew. That is how good she is :) So we improvised and spent the hour mainly doing therapy/stretching instead of "work."
Often times it is very hard to take a step back and do something *unusual* versus the regimented routine. Sometimes that is all it takes to snap you back. That and a good little old fashioned rest.
After stocking up on enough food to last until next weekend it was time for some much needed couch time with the feet up.
Happy Daylight Savings Time = It's about time. Bike time after work!
What's on tap tomorrow? = my favorite ride!

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