Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

Well it is 4am as I sit here and write this. I have wanted to write a race report for two days now but somehow life has gotten in the way. One of my goals for the summer after my disappointing IMSTG was to do the TBF race series. I had no other expectations than to do well at the Olympic distance and try to PR one of the events in every race. For those of you who know me, you know I have been working on my swim for over one year now and just recently have turned the corner into being a *swimmer.* LMAO. With the first race of the series I really focused on swimming well and riding strong. Mission accomplished. Found some feet, used my own and came out in good position. Rode past every one in front of me and had an awesome ride. We won't talk about the run. I can run and that course is too dang hard. So. There. 2nd place.

4 weeks later: Second race, horrific swim, BETTER ride, BETTER run. 4th place

Sunday: Got in the water. Swim a little, line up in front. Yep, that is where I am lining up from now on. IN THE MIX. Found some feet, used my own (what a concept, I use my legs now to swim!!) came out 1 minute ahead! 1st goal accomplished.
Onto the bike, in my mind I am saying hurry, hurry, hurry. With being in the old lady wave now, we are the last wave. My only goal for the bike as I battled the crosswind going out was to pass every person in front of me on the road and not be passed- Accomplished! Not a PR bike as the headwind coming back had me all over the place, but still good power output, pace etc.
Run: Well here is where I just was not sure. In the first two miles the hills are relentless. Combined with the heat (not too bad Sunday)and the dust and dirt (off road) this run course is one of the most challenging around. I just tried to put my head down and get it done. Wasn't sure how that *little marathon* I did two weeks ago was going to feel but got 'er done. Somehow pulled it out of the hat.
Crossed the line. Two minute PR. Took 6 minutes off the series over the summer.
WTF? How does that happen when you aren't even a short course person? Guess if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.
So to make a long story short, I won the series. Yay. That was my super secret goal after the June race. I took second there and sort of got pumped up. I've never won anything in sport before (well maybe the Marina 5 miler back in the day before I broke my leg and could run fast got a first place there)
Sherpa Bill was so proud. I just wanted to lay on the grass and he wanted to call everybody. SO as he talked, I layed and waited.
Here are a couple shots of the me with the Champions and then on the podium. Yes, I did clean up after the race. This podium thing is a little awkward. Not used to it. Apparently I was on the podium the whole series but we never stick around. Three hour drive up, race and three hour drive home. Thanks for reading Championstales. More to come. I promise to be a better blogger.
The whole reason I started this blog was because I AM sure as I get older I will get better, stronger, faster. Maybe. It. Is. Starting?

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