Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kicking a$$

Race #2 and another two minutes knocked off! Woot Woot! I am unsure of the temperature but it was at least 95+. That is HOT. Combine it with zero shade on run and dirt and it seems hotter! Secret weapon number one came out today= hand held water bottle. get a drink and a squirt on the head without waiting for aid stations.
Had an okay swim. (70 deg water is way to warm to wear a wet suit) found some feet then lost them but swam consistently. Off to bike had a massive power output. Not sure where it came from? Then had a faltering run- could not go up in speed no matter how hard I tried. Somehow someway I managed to knock two more minutes off overall time. I am pretty sure I came out of this #5-6. Many many more added in the mix today. Hopefully not regulars.
One thing I noticed out there was all the MEN walking. Seriously! Come on people HTFU! 32 y/old, 41, 51, 29, 27 Puuuhhhllease! And their sighs. UGH. Get me outta there fast.
Although I almost hit my magic time, I didnt quite but still pleased with effort since I am on my 3 week marathon training program and runs have increased MUCHO in the last week. The pic of the day... by sherpa bill

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