Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today started at 3:30am

It has been 4 years since I competed in this series and I have missed it. The TBF series is so well run, the location is perfect(HOT) and the course is TOUGH. This is the first year I am not going to IMCDA and was anxious to do the series. I have never faired quite well at this distance and putting in lots of long miles and endurance based training doesn't really equate to a short fast race but I was willing to put my best foot forward. I have been working on my swim for the last year and can successfully say that the work is starting to pay off. First of all I never really quite grasped the whole "swim." But after letting the two girls do all the work in front of me today I had a nice ride and a 2+ minute PR on the swim alone. In the 8 or so times I have done this exact course I have never swam a different time. Except for today. It also helps to change your mindset. The old ladies (myself included) were the last wave of the day so I had nobody to worry about as we were going to be chasing everyone.

Onto the bike and it was already HOT. My goal was to just hurt. Push a pace I couldn't normally hold and keep it there. Take down every person that was in front of me. Worked like a charm. Had my best time ever in Olympic distance. Then the run. You know here's the thing. I can run and I look forward to running. But there is something that happens when you are running on single track, dusty dirt road and rocky trails and it is 95+ degrees. All I could do was run the each aid station with what I had, drink a cup and dump a cup. I didn't have a stellar run but it wasn't as bad as it could have been either. All in all a very good day. Just what I needed. And check out the new kit. Up next weekend, San Jose, where it is flat and fast and I know I can better this time today by a TON!


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