Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is all I got!

Today was the Silicon Valley International Triathlon (formerly San Jose) and I was excited to be able to finally do this race after the past 3 Junes being in Coeur'd'Alene, Idaho at Ironman. This race venue is absolutely the perfect place to hold an event and the day promised to be good. Something was missing from my belly (like some fire!!!) this morning though and I fought to find it all morning. The swim was long, a lot longer than 1500m and the run to transition was even longer. (think one way traffic counter clockwise and I am clear on the other side) Onto the bike I was trying to just hold a certain pace and click off people but it wasn't happening. That and I wasn't overly agressive either. As horrible as this sounds because I wouldn't want to discourage anyone to not "tri" I couldn't stand the masses of newbies out there that could not ride a bike. The bike was long too according to my PT by 2 miles so therefore disappointment at my time.
But onto the run I went. Somehow, someway my legs always come back running and I was able to run a semi decent race. After last weekends 95 degrees, I opted to carry my hand held water and it was a hidden treasure. Couple sips, couple dumps on head is how those 6 miles played. As much as I like these shorter faster races, I much prefer to go longer at a slightly lower intensity. Now some more longer work I think is in store before the next Olympic in four weeks. YAY! Then a little marathon/sightseeing! Super sherpa Bill forgot to take pictures and the only one he got was before the race!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the swim was way long!