Sunday, February 28, 2010

Um? Ouch...

Today's ride had to come as one of the hardest in a LONG LONG time. 6174 feet of climbing, 4 major climbs, 3 minor climbs,no cycling legs and all. The positives were this:
good company, blue sunny skies, very little traffic
Um... Ouch is how I can describe my overall body at this point. Ouch tired and ouch pain. I am sitting here curled up in the chair reflecting on the past week. I can only describe it as BUSY. Rush, rush rush is the story of the week. Tomorrow is a new month and the start of the last 8 weeks til IM. WOW, it is almost here. I am seeing YOU TUBE videos and twitter posts of the IM STG bike and run course and all I can think is UM OUCH!
Off for a good sleep and stretch out in bed. Nite Nite!

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