Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trusting Your Plan = Success

I know. It's been like forever. This is the first time in months I have nothing to do but lay around! I am sitting in Coeur d'Alene Idaho (actually laying) in bed at 3pm reading blogs and thought WTF I have one too! Time to update. First I have to find the password.

Sunday is IM CDA. This will be number 12 IM starts for me. I drove the new section of the bike course today in the pouring rain and it really is spectacular. I think it might even be prettier than Penticton. (of course not as beautiful as a certain island in the pacific.) As I was driving and checking out the roads, terrain and hills I was thinking about "plans." Everybody has one, some use them, some toss them out and some pretend they don't. But you don't go into an ironman unless you're my husband without one. This is where trusting in yourself and having the confidence to carry it out comes in. I got extremely confident while driving that course today and it made me feel good. Not because I think I am going to win or be awesome but that I have confidence in MY PLAN and what I am capable of doing. So come hell or highwater Sunday night sometime after 6pm you will find me crossing that finish line. But first, can someone please turn on the sunshine!
  Success isn't a matter of being the best and winning, its a matter of handling the worst and still finishing!


  1. GOOD LUCK Mary! I was just thinking i didnt know anyone at CDA this year, now i do!!! Will be cheering hard!

  2. Mary! Have a GREAT race tomorrow! 12th IM, 40th birthday and all the good stuff you have going on! GET after it ---> BE AWESOME!

  3. Hey Champion, way to be champion out there today. Don't forget to blog about how it all went down before the next one. Rest up.