Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kickin It Off!

I can't possibly kick off 2013 without a proper good-bye to 2012. I finished off a great year with 32 days of running starting December 1 and ending January 1st. I will tell you this. It is a lot harder than it sounds (when you add swim, bike, life and the sheer darkness of December :) But I feel STRONGER because of it and feel as if I can handle more. Win win if you ask me and I challenge everyone to try it at least once! Even if you don't like to run! 

I also wanted to say a proper good-bye to last year's training. It was solid year for me both training and professionally. My average training hours was about 16.78 per week on top of working 40-70 hours felt solid. I took TWO WHOLE weeks off as well after each Ironman and recharged. My swimming was the biggest in terms of yards ever; 571,439 which is about 317 miles. That may or may not have been helped by the 100 x 100 yards I did FOUR times in 2012. (In case YOU are reading this Bring it!)

I feel nostalgic about the year because it was good and bad for many reasons, some personal. We said good-bye to some family members forever and had some health scares. I also PR'd in some important races to me and also totally blew up in one! It does not at all deter me from this crazy sport and with each year I love it more and more.

So this year I have some HUGE goals. BIG. I am going to be #ROCKINGTHEW. I will be fully supported in all things triathlon thanks in part to Sean and our team. I want to represent NORCAL and all we have to offer. This is an awesome team which I am very grateful to be a part of. 

The party of training has started. This train is rolling along. Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Tanner! Looks like more people have health scares in their live than I thought. Will let you know next time I'm down in the hood.