Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello. Is anybody there?

Wow. It has been like forever since I posted. Let's just say I've been around. I have been reading and stalking from afar. I am still alive and barely breathing from tax season. This year was a KILLER. I lost my patience on April 5 and still had 12 days to go. I was very upset with myself for losing it, but I am human and I think EVERYTHING just got to me. Good thing I have someone in my corner that understands life stresses and we pulled back in the nick of time. Last weekend was my first weekend not working in 12 weeks and I was able to train and rest! What a novel idea. There is something to be said FOR SURE about recovery after training. DUH! I even capped my weekend with a lot of time on my bike. In the sun. And burned. Really. Bad.
Moving on...
Exciting things to look forward to in the coming up weeks and months, bullet point style:

-Orange County Triathlon, It has been forever since I have raced an Olympic Tri. Short and Fast. Hmm. #fireupthefasttwitchersnow!
- "Cali Camp" with Kate. We are going to Suffer!
- Kona Camp with the BSC ladies and Mama BSC herself. #IwonderifIwillhavetimetolayinthesun?
-I am still love, love, loving my training. In the pool the other day, stud swimmer next to me says WHAT HAPPENED to you? Did you learn how to swim? Ha! I heart double runs and double bikes and double anythings! (except I am not sure double swims :)Heck, I am ready for triples.

And it is Friday and time for the weekend! Hope everyone has a good one. Be SMART!


  1. I am still here, and yes it has been a while. Glad your busy season is over.

    Ummmm, how does one be smart?? No one ever taught me that crap. :)

  2. Ha! #therewillbenotimetolayinthesuninkona

  3. Tax season would be brutal, glad you survived! And I'm still here too, lurking. :) Keep having fun training hard, you're about to have a FANTASTIC year!

  4. Lots of fun ahead for you! Thank goodness you survived tax season :-) Keep me posted on your little Cali camp in case I can join you two for anything :)

  5. We're here and you're back! And I, for one, cannot WAIT for Cali camp! I don't care if I arrive at 11:30 at night and we have a 4:30am wake-up the next day! It's gonna be awesome!

  6. LOL! Yes, get to blogging again. I have friends that die during tax season as well. Hope you had a great camp with mama!!!