Sunday, January 8, 2012


Okay so maybe I have been absent form here for awhile. There is good reason for it. I've been busy.
I last wrote in Maui. Wow. Came back from there and started running. seriously, on all fronts. From end of the year mishaps to beginning shenanigans.

Last weekend I learned again the true meaning of what truly matters. My dad has a pretty serious infection and has been hospitalized for the last ten days. I have been meaning to write a post about my last year's training, numbers etc. but now don't feel it really matters. Yes, I trained a lot. Probably not as much as some or maybe more than others, but what really mattered at the end of the year last week and this past week was that my dad is going to be okay. Every day had training, work and hospital time. This weekend things are starting to look up so there seems to be an end in sight.

So after that lovely intro here is what I know today:

- Best triathlon decision I made was changing coaches. Having a triathlete as a coach is so important. Not only have they been there done that, they get it. I love to train just like a lot of people and you have to really love it. I like the newness, the challenges and am excited for what is to come. Let's just say I am building my own custom engine and I will be very durable and bomb proof. Good stuff.

- I am becoming a swimmer. I started off the year with 100 x 100 by myself. With a 41 minute PR over last year. Could it be that I will have a really decent IM swim??

- The heartrate monitor is my friend.

- Kale really goes with just about anything. Yum.

- I am aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Words with Friends at all hours is included in this time. If you don't play me, please find me. (shameless plug!)

- I am going to blog once a week from here on out. I refuse the right to not post the last week of March and first two weeks of April.


  1. word up, Kale goes with so much and can add to any smoothie w/o knowing. Keep blogging ;)

  2. Glad your Dad is doing better. Things like that always give us a different perspective. My wife just lost someone she really liked. The brother of her ex-husband. He was a pretty nice guy, and I got to know him a bit. I imagine a lot of memories flooded back to her.

    Have a good week. Blogging once/week is a good idea. Let's us people on the sidelines see how your doing. :)

    Have a good week. :0

  3. You're too busy kicking my ass on WWF, good move at the end there, it's what you're known for now, so I don't ease up until it's been announced that I've won. 5-2 Tanner leading.

  4. Ha! Love Kiet's comment. Glad your dad is going to be ok. That is tough and it does put everything in perspective.

    I saw the title of your blog post and was like WAHT!?! Slacker??? OK maybe you've been a slacker with your blogging but not with your training... :)

  5. IMLOU?? YOU TOO?? yay!!! I will be posting rides and events as the date draws closer. I even have a Ironman Louisville 2012 page no facebook..come join us!