Sunday, January 23, 2011


This weekend is probably the start of the crazy making time of training/work/life/family and trying to juggle it all. I have a VERY BAD habit of overscheduling myself on the weekends in order to accomodate training vs. nontraining life stuff that waits for the weekends and or the only time to do it. One of my recent convserations with Coachie Coach ended with me saying that this year " I was going to train like a pro." Meaning I was going to not wake up at 4am on Sat/Sun and give myself all day to get EVERYTHING done, I was going to eat before all my key sessions (not RIGHT before fueled for:) you know what I mean!) and go into them rested, hydrated and READY. I was going to do all my grocery shopping (yes for $5@ Whole Foods-she brings them to my office!)and have quality weekends. That way there was more of me to go around- see family, relax, heck even have some fun! But I was not going to schedule everything that happened in the day as sometimes I am not coming home on Saturdays until after 5pm. I am trashed and starving and CRABBY.

Well this weekend didn't really work out so well "pro wise" but everything was accomplished training wise albeit Saturday far better than Sunday. Plus, what is there to complain about when it is 75 degrees on your ride? Well, maybe the 30 mph headwind but we won't go there. You just go with it. I actually have time to be on my computer and catch up. Cheers for a great weekend and awesome week ahead.
Next up- Mission 10 miler Saturday. Can't wait to see how much helps me meet my goal!

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  1. Oh yeah, I do this to myself every year - I schedule dog activities and training on weekends and figure I can just make it all work. it does...until I get overloaded and freak. I'm trying to be a little better about spreading it out this year. It wouldn't be so bad if most dog events didn't involve 100-200 miles of roundtrip driving in a day.