Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Right Direction

After total lack of drive last weekend to race (I know even a 10K you have to build up for!) I got up casually Sunday morning to get ready. Take the girl to the beach, eat some brekkie and drive out there. Running races are so much easier than triathlons, especially when they are less than 5 minutes from your house. Parked about a mile away from the start so I could warm up, got my chip and toed the line. Nothing fancy here just show up, RUN, and leave. (because the skies were blue, the sun was shining and I wanted to ride my bike!) I have no idea of the course other than because being in Fort Ord thought it might be a little hilly. Just gonna hang on and see where it takes me. I am really not in shape to run short/fast. More like long and SLOW. But bear with me. Started off downhill, looked down at watch WHOA way too fast. That's okay because as fast as we went down we went up, up, up. Here is where the interesting part came in. I actually felt better pushing myself to go up faster than I thought I could and just went for it. Long Story short- 3rd overall female. Not a bad way to start the year- Actually have lowered my race times a tad for the next few races!

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