Thursday, April 29, 2010


Race Registration went smoothly. In and out in a few minutes after signing your name on every line, realizing the dangers, blah, blah blah. 5-6 minutes done. Something new this year that IMSTG is doing though is tattoo numbers. I for one am always down for getting a tattoo so sign me in. They are your number and age group body markings traditionally done race morning. They are trying to save time Saturday morning due to being bussed to the start therefore, voila 7 day waterproof stenciled tatoos. Sounds easy right? NOT. The lines were more than 2 hrs wait time long. But yes, we did get them. Proof is in the pictures. Not much else too exciting here. The temps are cool today and super windy. Think at least three layers and a beanie. Been laying down since 1m. Yay!
In other not so exciting news Greg and I rode this morning for 45 minutes. All I can say is WIND, HOLY WIND!

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