Sunday, March 14, 2010


Resting is not something I do a lot of. Lounging, sleeping, relaxing are not normal activities in my day, especially this time of the year. Long work hours, longer training hours, early mornings, later nights don't leave a lot of room for REST. This past week was something a little different though as I had a recovery week. Recovery week is not about laying around eating bon bons but about letting your body acclimate to the torture you have been inducing it to and letting it soak in. It is also about doing a little something every day for a more reasonable time frame then a normal "training" week. I have to admit, this past week was delightful. But today was the icing on the cake. Not only has it been sunny the past two days and clear skies (well okay a tad windy!) but a little warm too. The sun just made me smile. And at 1pm today, after a long run and short ride I was in bed. Yep, under the covers and in bed. Chillin- veggin- and sleepin. All in one delicious afternoon. I even soaked in the tub, something that is always forgotten during a normal week. My better half soaks at least 5 times a week in the hot tub but I don't have time for it. Today I had time for everything which sets me up for a great week of pounding it out again. Less than 7 weeks now til St. George. Bring it!

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