Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V Day!

Well I wasn't sure I was going to make this week but I did! I felt great until Friday morning when my "perfect recovery world" came crashing down on me. First I could barely swim in the morning. Could barely turn my arms over. WTF? After work (yes much, much later-think 12 hours later!!!) I was attempting intervals on the trainer. 4x 5 min. First one lasted less than one minute. Called the hubs upstairs, " My bike is broken" he said no it's not. You must me tired. So I spinned it out and tried again. This time lasted 1.5 minutes until I thought my head was going to explode along with my legs. Decided it wasn't worth it and was going upstairs. Woke up on Saturday, managed a pretty darn good run and semi Ok ride. Still could not find that leg turnover. Today who knows other than I managed four splendid hours with just 8 "minor" setbacks!!! If you were with me you know what they were! But the definite highlight of the week was my TRX session this afternoon. WOW. LOVE IT. Cannot wait to do again. Guess you can't always have GREAT training and for the most part I do! Think I had a little bugger the last few days that has hopefully worked itself out of me.
Coming up... next weekend's practice Ironman simulation. Yay, a whole day of training!!
Can't wait to see whats in store this week?

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