Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Behind SLVC RR

I know I know! Race Report? I have gotten umpteen emails, texts and PM about "how was your race?" Can't wait to read about it! Finally! Here is the nitty gritty of the day! With no pictures! Because that's how I roll...

I have and had always loved the old "San Jose International Triathlon."  I think I did it many years in a row way back when.  So it was a no brainer when they announced the half distance. What better way to compliment IM training than to race a half? (and BTW who thought of that? Half's are WAY HARDER!)

Swim: 1.2 mi
My plan for the swim was to just friggin swim. Like move your arms Mary and move your feet kind of swimming. Well I must have done something right because I PR'd the swim by over 5 minutes! (and you thought I couldn't swim??)

T1 Forever but oh well. Excuse me while I sit down and take off my wetsuit.
Seriously. Why can't they make a wetsuit with a zipper from the back all the way down like kid's clothes?

Bike: 56 mi
Goal here. Just ride my own ride. Stay on top of nutrition and be consistent.
Which I downright just nailed. And I was feeling so good (and so damn happy!) that the group of 4 men less than 5 miles to transition that had some colorful names for me as I passed them, got my pee in their faces. Ha. Oh, yeah and PR here too!

T2 Again, forever. But that's what happens when you never have been there before and have no idea where you are. (two different locations for T1 and T2 30+ miles apart) no sweat here though. It is time to run.

Run:  13.1 mi
Goal here. Start slow finish strong. That is how I have been running this whole year so far. I was not going to be alarmed/and or panic when I just started jogging and finding my legs. My first mile was somewhere around 9:39-9:45 pace.( I know SLOW!)  But never fear, I always know it take a few minutes to start feeling good and it will come. Move your feet Mary, turn your feet over, move ahead, start picking on people to pick off. And that I did. For the next 12 + miles to bring my run to 1:48. (which I realize is not that fast but considering where I have come from to this, I am thrilled)

a 25 minute PR. Who does that?  Apparently ME!
Of course when all is said and done and I am going over this with Michelle, the first words out of her mouth, "you can go faster, there is so much more in you!"  So I will expand on this next time as I recap Kona Camp.

thanks for reading!


  1. Way to go!!! It was a blast to race with you :)

  2. That is SOOOO COOL!!! Congrats!!!

  3. 25 minute PR, enjoy it, and then back to the grind to bring it further down. Oh, and your comment on my blog about parasite '97 made me feel so much better concerning the crazy amount of antibiotics I'm taking. 12 pills a day, yikes! You're still kicking ass 15 years down the road so that makes me feel good.

  4. "Because that's how I roll" LOVE. IT. Though I bet you look rockstar on that Trek. #justsayin Congrats on your awesome race! And thank you for the race report :)

  5. Holy smokes - 25 min PR = AWESOME! Congrats!

  6. YEP, Love it too!! Congrats Mary! 25 min PR is huge - and you know it - love that! ENJOY....and where have you been? OH right, training hard! :)