Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fresh and Loose

Fresh and Loose- that is exactly how I want to feel right now heading into the last BIG block before Ironman #2 in my 12 months of Ironman. (I will just omit the part about the 24 hour bug I have had and focus on good stuff) Like BRING IT ON.
Now I know I am not alone when I say that this Ironman thing is a lot of work. It takes up a huge amount of time. But do you ever have a doubt about your ability? This past week of getting that "fresh rested feeling" back, I have had floating thoughts of negativity. For starters, the whole 4 ironman thing. I can tell you today, yes it is a lot.( Ask me again in September and I will let you know how I feel then.) It seems/seemed very doable and so I will go with that. I also have very realistic goals for each race and am not putting all my eggs in one basket (just yet) It also seems that you have training highs and lows and they can come and go in 24 hours. Friday I had a great swim (now great in my definition is paltry compared to the "swimmers" out there. But still great. Saturday not so great, but I finished the morning with a great run, the kind that was like wait a second did I just run? But enough of that, let's talk about life!
Next week the Tour of California starts on Sunday, same day as the Strawberry Fields Century. Nice way to start/end the week. Then on Thursday, the 19th, the Tour of California starts stage 5 across the street from mi casa. What better way to start my "Homemade 4 day Training Camp?" My coach is going to absolutely GIVE IT TO ME those days. I am going to finish off the month with a bang and start the taper with a race.
Have a great week! Stop the negative and focus on the positives!


  1. Too freakin' funny, read my most recent blog entry today. We're living parallel lives, I too am starting up my final 3-week volume block. Here's to surviving it and building confidence along the way Mary!

  2. How awesome about the ToC starting by your house! Too cool. Enjoy the heck out of that (I know you will!). I can't remember what Fresh and Loose feels like? Lol. 7 weeks from right now it'll be all over. So weird.

  3. Four Ironmans is quite the goal, but just think about how awesome it will be when you're done!