Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good day!

Second 10K race today (yes pretty run, boo on time!)

A big thank you to my girls for today! You know who you are! Anyone that knows me, knows I like to leave to train before the sun comes up. 5am and me are buds. So when the girls asked what time I was riding today, an 11am answer was least expected. Even for the wind and traffic, it was worth it. We had not a care in the world other than to ride for a long time.How does that saying go? Take your lemons and make them lemonade? Well that is what I did today. I started with a 10K race. I have been really working on my running. Working on form, limiters and turnover. Pre injury (T- 5years ago) I was a swift runner. For the last 5 years I have just been a triathlete. Not worrying to much about my running, sort of just doing it as it was one of the three sports. But over the last year I have made progress and have really wanted to have a truly successful Ironman marathon. That is my end all goal for this year. There I said it. But more on that later.

In retrospect (at least my thinking tonight!) I had a great 10K today. I ran strong and kept my pace in check. Not a PR but I guess there are worse things. Of course those were not my happy go lucky thoughts earlier! But when that run was over all I could do was rip off my number and tell Bill to pick me up closer to home. I was pissed! I needed to just run free and clear with no cares. When he picked me up a little while later, I was better. Then of course I had a great time with my girls and the day was complete.
But tonight it got me thinking. Do we sometimes set our expectations too high just so we will fail so there is something to work towards, like a tangible goal or do we not set the bar high enough to really want to go for it. Sometimes I fall prey to those silly times I pick for myself. But whether I fall short or do really well does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? I will still get up and do what I do and the sun will still rise and set. Nothing will change. Does that self doubt sabotage you sometimes? How do you manage it?


  1. Total agreement in the idea of what does it *really* matter? I'm with you- I will still get up the next day and keep on keepin' on no matter if I PR a race or not. I think I manage my expectations by trying to keep a clear eye on the Big Picture. These little 10K races are to gain experience, have an opportunity to push ourselves past what we would normally do in training, and learn more about ourselves in the process.

    A truly successful IM Marathon doesn't actually have much in common with a 10K. But you know that already. ;)

  2. I like what you said and I both agree and disagree with Michelle. Because what happens when those expectations are set for an IM and the goal is not met? I've been there!!

    How do I deal with disappointment? This has been a work in progress... I know while I am racing and/or training that as long as I work as HARD as I can and pace properly then I will be happy regardless of my time at the end. As long as I give it my all, THAT is what really matters. Sometimes we dream too big and there is NOTHING wrong with that, it just means we need to be realistic emotionally and mentally when we don't hit or surpass those goals right away. Glad you got your head screwed on right afterward. You can learn so much from this race, not just about where you are physically, but where you are mentally. :) keep up the great work Mary!!