Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mission 10

The San Juan Bautista Mission 10 mile race was yesterday. Lets back up just a bit and say that the last time I did this race was 4 years ago. It is a rolling course with a kicker of a hill from about mile 3.5 to 5.5. Now one would think that if you have to go up for two miles you are going to come down? Wrong. It is like rollers with steep short sections of up and down. It is a knockthewindoutofyourpipes kind of course. The last time I did this race I was merely trying to run 10 miles after a two hour ride. I had no goal time and was just "running." This year things were a little different. First I had a time goal that was not out of my league but certainly out of my comfort zone. Second we have had a focused build on my "limiters" of running and it was time to do a short test.
I went out yesterday way too fast the first mile, calmed down a bit, and then was able to relax my form, control my breathing and stay strong the ENTIRE 10 miles. I finished one minute under my time goal. Enough said. The plan is working. Endurance wise things are looking up. Time to get more zippy speed. Oh, and I beat my old time by 8 minutes.

This is going to be a good year :)