Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The other day I was talking to Coachie Poo and he was talking about my limiters. I was like what? limiters. In my mind, my limiters in triathlon are my swim and my ride but when I get to the run I CAN RUN. Mind you I can't run *fast* but we are working on that So I was half expecting him to say you are going to start riding MORE. I was already half picturing more trainer rides at 3am then one can imagine and was just going to suck it up. Then he said, "right now your run is your limiter."
Excuse me. No it's not. If you ever talk to him though you know he will back it up with some validity. And that he did. He gave me 87 examples of how my swim strength has improved, my bike has come full circle twice and my run limits my potential.
WOW. Good stuff. I guess that is why I am *racing* these running events coming up and if you drive around town in the early morning that is me doing drills in the NPS parking lot and charging up the hill by the dunes and WALKING DOWN.
Another trick up his sleeve is glute activation. The right side of my body still 5 years later is still stuck in protect mode. So activation BOOT GLUTE CAMP started Saturday. I told Jenn I still had to ride home but she never listens. This is the real deal. Awesome stuff.

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