Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rest is most certainly not overrated!

The build up to Ironman can bring about a mixed bag feeling of emotion. Sure, there is tiredness. There is soreness. There is "crabbiness." There is also joy at what you are doing and pride as you realize you get to do this. To sum up the next several months of my life I am going to use key bullet points

- I am seriously having FOMO not being in Kona to watch, although I think the computer hooked up to 55 inches of tv might be pretty nice too!

-I haven't laid on the couch in over a month. There has been no time.

- It is really nice not eating dinner at 8pm this week!

- I feel so much stonger than I did before that ghastly race on May 1st.

- Again, it is really nice to lay on the couch at night (although it is really not my thing)

-You have to really be a "planner" in terms of work, training, life, eating, sleep

- As I run I just keep saying 26.2 is my cooldown. Saying it enough makes you believe it.

- Think I am going to have to try MYO frozen yogurt this weekend in honor of everybody racing in Kona. How long has it been there? Never been!

Keep on resting.

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