Saturday, April 24, 2010

Been M.I.A... but not for long

Just realized the last time I wrote was over a month ago? Why you say? Well, training and work and life. The craziest time at work the past two months and in between I somehow managed to fit in MASSIVE training weeks often in the wee early morning hours or 7-9pm (when I should have been getting ready for bed!) So all in due time I am changing my ways and going to be more faithful to the blog I started to chronicle my journey this year!
OMG... IM STG is a week away! Last time I even bothered to count it was something like 97 days away. Now less than 7***
It is really funny how the more you do these events you trust you are ready to do them. First of all you know that you can do the distance. Second, your biggest fear about making the time cut off is not even an issue (not being a know it all /superstar or anything but there are some things you just know) The last thing I realized today is it really is not that far. Really? You do the training which is more time consuming than ever and then you get to put it all together in one catered day. NOBIGDEAL! I know, ask me if I still feel the same next weekend!
The best part of this distance and endurance events in general is that the make me feel strong. Not Arnold strong just like "I totally can do this Strong." I have a new motto for the day as many of my friends are doing Big Sur tomorrow (which I am bummed about not partaking in any of the events) is that 26.2 is my cooldown. That is right. My cool down. My finish. Another day another journey.
I don't usually like the whole tapering thing. I don't get it. But this time. I totally get it and am loving it. I feel like every day I get more rested and that game day I will feel AWESOME.
I am trying not to get caught up in every blog/twitter/facebook about the weather in St. George or the water temp or anything because everybody goes through the same thing. I won't be the only one being cold/hot/wet etc. So stay tuned. More to come. More updates. More often. We have a full summer/season of opportunities/races/challenges. Watch out :)

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